$wgExcludeRandomPages = array( 'Bobi', 'Bolt', 'Bronze Axe', 'Brunt', 'Circle of Life', 'Cryo Loop', 'Dragoor Blade', 'Dragoor Bone', 'Dragoor Scale', 'Echo', 'Elith', 'Ellorium', 'Ember', 'Enslaver', 'Fang', 'Fire Circle', 'Forge', 'Frostbite', 'Frozen Band', 'Fusion Helmet', 'Gemini', 'Glimmer', 'Gnash', 'Grayson', 'Gridiron', 'Grummun', 'Helio Armor', 'Helio Helm', 'Holiday Helm', 'Illuminatus', 'Jade Band', 'Khill', 'Kludd', 'Kraken', 'Kward', 'Lady Finger', 'Leather Armor', 'Marrow', 'Norsal', 'Oathborn', 'Obsidian', 'Omega Armor XOS-7', 'Plate Armor', 'Poison Scythe', 'Randor', 'Retribution', 'Ricochet', 'Ring of Ice and Fire', 'Royal Helm', 'Ruin', 'Shadow', 'Shard', 'Silver', 'Silverlight', 'Soulless Circle', 'Sunstorm', 'Supreme Shield', 'Tempest', 'The Cog', 'The Conduit', 'The Wall', 'Thorne', 'Thorneblade', 'Unfaithful', 'Venom Ring', 'Vim', 'Wormwood', 'X-SC2' );

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